There are times when you want a different set of eyes on your next bid or proposal. We are experienced in assessing bids that clients have written and compiled themselves for additional peace of mind.

Bid Reviews

The purpose of a bid review at Tender Works is the following:

  • We identify individual responses that are unclear or may need further detail to answer the question
  • We identify areas of non-compliance
  • We edit and fix up grammar and punctuation as required

Bid reviews are a safety check that the effort you’ve already put in your bid is not wasted. The worst situation for a tenderer (ie. you) is when you’ve been given feedback that confirms you were non-compliant from the beginning.

That’s where we come in.

To save time on your next tender, email us at with your tender documents for a quick quote.



BID REVIEW - $500+ 

Estimated price is subject to review of pre-existing bid