If you’re located in the Northern Territory and would like to see the local NT government tenders on offer, the best place to look is https://tendersonline.nt.gov.au/Tender/List/#!/Current

Like most other government tender portals in Australia,  the NT Government Quotations and Tenders Online portal is accessible and well structured. For the most part, tenders issued through this portal usually require electronic submission.

You can use the tenders & quotes tab at the top left to review current, closed and awarded tenders as well as future opportunities An explanation of each category is below:

  • Current opportunities focus on what tenders are still available to respond to as the submission date has not yet passed.
  • Closed tenders are no longer available to respond to as the submission date has now passed.
  • Awarded tenders are also no longer available to respond to as they are both closed and the agency procuring has now awarded a bidder with the contract for the work.
  • Future opportunities are more announcements at this stage than an actual tender. They are important to be aware of as they give potential tenderers the time to prepare their resources and labour before the tender is released.

A personal observation with NT government tenders are that they are more likely to be awarded to a local supplier or contractor over anyone from interstate or overseas. For non-NSW or VIC tenders, the remaining states are heavily focused on procuring goods and services through local businesses.

If you an NT local, then your chances for winning automatically increase due to your close proximity. But then again, NT government tenders can be awarded to outsiders if the products or skills required are no able to be procured nearby.

One feature of the NT government tenders portal to consider is that all prospective tenderers are visible on the right hand side of each tender as they are issued. Unlike other portals, each tenderer can see who has registered interest in the opportunity. Being able to openly see who you’re competing against is a rarity in the tender world and can be considered both a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because you know who you’re up against and how many other businesses are vying for the opportunity.

It’s a curse because you’ll likely feel pressured or discouraged by the level of competition. You will likely know some prospective tenderers personally whom may have more resources, manpower and tenure in your industry.

The irony however is that if you never tender, you’ll never win NT government work. In this case, contact Tender Works for a quick quote and how we can help you prepare for and write your next tender response.