Do you have an initiative or project that needs funding?

Grants, through both the public and private sector, are a means to turn your proposed idea in to reality.

Here at Tender Works, we work closely with our clients to convince potential donors as to why you can go further and provide more value with these funds than anyone else.

Your grant application has to be perfect in terms of presentation and directly addressing each question. Unlike a tender where the other side is usually aware of what services or products they’re after, a clear value proposition from your end is critical to success.

Grant writing can be a difficult process.

Before contacting us further, ask yourself:

  • Do I currently have the skills/experience to justify funding?
  • Have I started my project yet by myself and can provide evidence of doing so?
  • Do I have estimates of what resources I need to acquire funding for?
  • Have I, or my organisation, achieved anything already that can help us stand out from the pack?

To save time on your next grant application, email us at with your grant documents for a quick quote.



GRANTS - $500+ 

Estimated price is subject to review of grant documents