The role of a bid manager can vary depending on the industry and how your organisation interprets the role itself.

The main difference between a bid coordinator and a bid manager usually comes down to strategic input and experience. A bid coordinator will simply organise and put together everyone’s content in a cohesive and attractive package. However, they’ll do so at someone else’s direction.

And that person tends to be the bid manager.

In some companies, a bid manager is a separate position where someone is solely dedicated to anticipating and responding to tenders. They are hired for their expertise in directing and managing the tender process from A to Z. Depending on the industry, these bid managers need to respond quickly to tenders as they are released thick and fast with minimal turnaround periods. Under such conditions, a well-defined bid process must be established, followed and maintained so that resources within the business are balanced between finding new work and completing their current work.

In other organisations, a bid manager is simply a title given to someone who has taken responsibility for directing and managing the bid. As soon as the bid has been submitted and the result has been announced, this person then returns to their normal occupation.

In all honesty, a bid manager is simply someone who has been involved with bids for a longer period of time and at a higher level.

They have mastered internal communication between stakeholders and are able to rally everyone together to get a bid written up, finalised and submitted on a regular basis. Bid managers are a vital part for many companies as the whole bid process itself is often too much to do on top of a worker’s normal duties. As this is the case, big managers take on the often unenvious task of responding to tenders.