Tender Writing

If you find yourself in a possession of a tender and don’t know how to or want to do it yourself, then you’ll need to hire a tender writer. A tender writer is a professional whose writing style is appropriate […]

What is a tender?

The answer: A formal offer to supply goods and/or services. I personally view tenders as an invitation by a prospective client to do business with them. These clients need something to help their own business and the best way to […]

What is a bid?

You may be aware of what a bid is when referring to an auction for a property such as a house or apartment. It’s often when you raise your hand, call out a price higher than any before it, lower […]

Tender Addenda

Tender documents alone can be a struggle to get through at times. But when addenda is released by the client, things can get even more difficult. So what is addenda? Addenda, or addendums, are additional documents released throughout the tender […]