Tendering Process

The tendering process for any tender normally has the same structure. The tendering process itself usually consists of the following: Pursuit Planning/Future Opportunity Smart businesses are those whom do their utmost to prepare for any future opportunities that are likely […]

NT Government Tenders

If you’re located in the Northern Territory and would like to see the local NT government tenders on offer, the best place to look is https://tendersonline.nt.gov.au/Tender/List/#!/Current Like most other government tender portals in Australia,  the NT Government Quotations and Tenders […]

Tender Contracts

For some tenders, you’ll notice that a Master Services Agreement (MSA) or Draft Contract has been included in the set of documents provided. MSA/Draft Contract A draft contract is the first opportunity to closely look at how a potential client […]

Bid Manager

The role of a bid manager can vary depending on the industry and how your organisation interprets the role itself. The main difference between a bid coordinator and a bid manager usually comes down to strategic input and experience. A […]

Bid Coordinator

If you’re ever been interested in working in ‘bids’, then the bid coordinator role is the perfect place to get your feet wet when it comes to tendering. Bid coordinators are found across numerous industries, ranging from cleaning to engineering, […]